Can't select/click after first note of tie

This is a minor gripe, and there’s probably nothing to be done about it, but when I’m alt-click copying from one staff to another and there are tied notes at the end of the passage, I click the first bar and the last bar, as in virtually all other occasions. Unfortunately, clicking a tie continuation acts exactly like clicking between staves—the first bar I already clicked is deselected, and I have to go back and start over.

I really wish the last bar would be selected, even though it’s a continuation of a tie. But if that’s not possible, I REALLY wish clicking in a tie continuation bar didn’t deselected whatever else I’ve already click on.

I know, I know, it’s up to me to form the new habit. But I freely confess I simply haven’t been able to. I’ve been using Dorico since v.1.0, and I still do it EVERY time. Time wasted, irritation tweaked.

[Grouse, grouse, grouse…] :slight_smile:

No one has replied to this, but now, several weeks and two major projects later, I still constantly click in the second of two tied whole notes when I’m trying to select things. The nuisance isn’t having to click again at the beginning of the tie, it’s having to go back and reselect a passage that may have begun multiple score pages earlier.I know it’s my responsibility to change a habit, but…

I’ve been keeping track, and I am fairly certain that I waste more time going back and reselecting because i clicked at the wrong end of a tie than I do in any other nuisance-but-not-a-major-problem action.

Steinberg guys, is it really not possible to make it so that whether you click at the beginning or end of the tied notes, they all get selected? Or more importantly, at least nothing already selected gets deselected?

Thanks for listening.

I also find this completely annoying, seconded very shortly by the arrow key navigation which I have now largely abandoned due to its unpredictability in selecting items. Would love to see these behaviors improved in the very near future…

Dear Lew and Thiago,
I am sure you will end never clicking on those tied notes anymore, as time (and some more mistakes) goes by… I just wanted to remind you that you can undo (cmd-z) when you click on the wrong spot. This should avoid the waste of time you were talking about :wink:

Lol - leave it to me to overlook the obvious.


(But I still hope they can change that.)

Indeed, I use the undo function there—but it doesn’t mitigate the annoyance… Thanks for the reminder though! –π

In forums such as these, while looking for an answer, I usually write something like “what am I doing wrong?” But in this case please enlighten me. “What am I doing right?” In other words, no matter how hard I try to duplicate what the issue is, I am not able to recreate it. I select the first note, then Shift-click the last note (in this case a tied note) and I can Shift-click the first note or last note of the tie, or the complete measure that the tie ends in. Or I can click in the first measure and Shift-click the last measure. Any of these methods selects everything correctly and does not cause a deselection of the first measure.

I ask in the realm of understanding, (and curiosity), “What am I doing right?” (I’m not being a smart aleck… just want to totally understand Dorico). :slight_smile:

Create a 4 or 5 bar phrase (something short enough to easily work with.)

Fill them all with whole notes.

Tie the last two.

Click somewhere in the first bar to select the bar, then Shift-click somewhere in the last bar. If that doesn’t deselect the whole thing, then post a copy of the file—I want your secret! :slight_smile:

Dear Lew,

OK, I was able to see the issue. CONFIRMED! Thanks for the excellent explanation!

If the tied note’s ending measure contains a rest (as mine did) the deselection problem does not exist. But with a whole note (with no rests in the measure), clicking in the last measure is similar to clicking outside the measure (like hitting the escape key), causing the previous selection to be unselected. If you Shift-click either the first or last note of the tied note, or simply the measure the tied note starts, or the final barline, then the selection is not lost and all is good. It does seem odd that clicking the last measure behaves like this. :open_mouth:


fkretlow’s post about selecting to the end of a flow (under the Edit Menu) reminded me of your situation. I assigned a single key for this shortcut and it happens correctly without lifting a finger (well, sort of… :smiley:). You never have to worry about where to do that 2nd click again!

Yes, but only if the last bar you’re trying to select is the last bar of the flow. Which is around .00006% of the time. :slight_smile:

Right you are. I would hate to play chess with you! ha ha

Not to worry about my chess game, maven—remember, “85% of all statistics are made up.” And that one most assuredly was. :slight_smile:

This was the first thread that came up when I searched - sorry to drag up an old one, but did this ever get resolved/changed? It drives me mad, and after using Dorico for some time I still find myself selecting the ‘wrong’ note in a tied group all the time. Intuitively, it’s obvious what I want to select, it would be great if Dorico could implement the common-sense approach that’s generally found in the software.



No, this functionality has not changed.