Can't select Driver properly on vst connect

When i try to select the correct audio driver for vst connect performer from within vst connect inside Cubase/Nuendo, i cannot select the output channels. For example: RME Fireface Driver → usually all the available channels, but the internal apple driver output channels are available instead.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create a new empty project
  2. make sure that Control Room for VST Connect was correctly setup
  3. create a VST Connect SE / Pro instance
  4. musician (client) open VST Performer standalone app, login with “My Steinberg” credentials
  5. DAW Host VST Connect Pro: search client in friends list, double click to add/open
  6. make sure the connection was established
  7. change the audio driver for the client (vst performer, via gear icon / preferences/ performer)
  8. set the correct audio channels for the selected driver

What should happen:
After selecting the driver output channels, the client (Performer) should hear audio from Cubase

What happens instead:
only one audio output channels from a totally different driver (not the selected one) is available.

Happens on the latest version of VST Connect & Performer using Nuendo 11 or Cubase 11 latest version. Host Computer is a Windows 10 system, latest OS, latest RME Driver. Client Computer are usually Mac OS Xeon or I7 Systems using Monterey 12.2.1.

Will try to reproduce, thanks for the repro.
In any case all should be good after reconnecting, right?

I could reproduce the following: menus are correct, but audio inputs are correct only for the “MIC” channel. “INSTR.” and manually added audio channels (PRO only) are not beeing updated which is a bug that will be fixed with the next version. Thanks for finding! As said, workaround is to re-establish the connection.

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Hi ! Thank you for the fast reply and confirming !
It was not working correct even after reconnecting. I gonna test it tomorrow again with more specs from the performer systems and screenshots from the host. I forgot to mention that the current VST Performer version does not match with the installed version on Nuendo 11,: 5.5.20 (N11) , 5.5.10 Performer (current version).

If reconnect doesn’t work, restarting Performer (with newly selected driver) and then reconnecting should definately do the trick.

I’ve tried it again and even after reconnecting, the channel that was available was only one channel (mono) and not both.
The system where that happened was: MacBook Pro 2021, 16 inch, M1 Max, 32GB Ram, OSX 12.3.1

Originally, you said “only one audio output channels from a totally different driver (not the selected one) is available.” If Performer has the correct driver selected before connecting, and you connect and don’t change the driver, I cannot see how a wrong driver should appear in the menu?

I can only report what i experienced. The client who had the performer running, received this time a mono signal only. The interface he used was the Scarlet 2i2.

Stream to Performer is always stereo, so the question is what’s wrong on his/her side. Performer Master out bus (top of channel) should point to audio interface (Scarlet) stereo (!) out. Check what those meters show, and what the “Studio” channel meters show, which should coincide with the VST Connect Cue channel out meters in Cubendo, and all those should show stereo activity.