Can't select Guitar Amps when using DSPMixFX

I have the latest versions of Cubase Pro 11, Tools for UR242, Basic FX Suite and Yamaha Steinberg Driver for my UR242. All running on the latest version of Windows 11, 64 bit.

When running DSPMixFX in standalone everything works as expected.

When I try to use it from the Hardware rack of the Mix Console in Cubase, it seems to work fine, except there are no other options other than Channel Strip (i.e. I can’t select Guitar Amps).

I made [this short GIF (Screen Recording 2022-02-17...) for you to see what I mean.

(I also took a screenshot which I tried to insert below)

Snipping Tool & MixConsole - Splatter Pattern 8-02 2022-02-17 at 2.45.25 PM

Any ideas what the problem is and how to solve it?

Is it a mono input? The amp sims don’t work with stereo inputs.

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And, even if mono, it may be limited by what other effects you have on other channels. I think the manual has a description of how many of each type of effect can be active at one time.

YOU SAVAGE! YES! That was it; it was on my Stereo In channel (the default channel I have). Instead, in Audio Connections (F4), I added 2 new mono input buses (Left and Right) and removed my Stereo In Bus. and BINGO! I can no use the Guitar Amp FX on either of those input channels.

Thanks so much, that was driving me nuts!