Can't set a key command shortcut

I checked System Prefs (mac) to make sure there wasn’t an override, there’s no key interpreter running that’s swallowing keystrokes, but this one doesn’t work for me (Mac). Must be something weird in my system but can’t see it. I use Cmd/Alt/Shift-XYZ for all of the playback technique windows, E for expression map, P for Playback Technique, and T (this one) for Engrave playing Techniques, except it doesn’t work

Shows up under the menu

That Print button is a bit of insane beauty by the way …

Hmm. It works fine here as long as I’m in Engrave mode, and by the looks of things there’s no other Dorico factory default shortcut for that key combination.

Ahhhh, yes that’s the problem, the window will only show up while in Engrave mode. Got it, but the reason for the short cut is to streamline accessing the pipeline for playing techniques to expression maps. I’ve got a lot of maps to set up and there’s three windows that need to coordinate

  • Engrave Playing Techniques
  • Play Playback Techniques
  • Play Expression Maps

It would be really nice if these could be shown at the same time, or at least if I could pop one while in another mode. It’s really clumsy and slow jumping between the modes and these windows (often I have to go into a window to just check something).

Anyhow I won’t ask for the feature - too much of that around here :smiley: - but it’s some feedback.

One oddity, which is what threw me off, my override for Expression Maps does work in multiple modes. As does the keystroke for Playback Techniques. Only Playing Techniques is being cranky - so given it’s an inconsistency, unless there’s a technical reason for it I’ll elevate this to a request to fix.

We’ve already made that change internally, so that you can open the Playback Techniques dialog from any mode. I’m also planning a bit of a reorganisation of the menus in the light of the new increased space betwen menu items on macOS 11 Big Sur, and one of the aspects of that menu reorganisation is that I am planning to put all of the dialogs that edit library items and options into a single menu called Library, which will be accessible from all modes.

Great approach! It’s been a stumbling block getting a handle on those Library items buried with the mode options. And if those could have the modal flag turned off on the windows I think it would be better too, so you can either see or edit how playing techniques plumb through the system simultaneously, instead of having to jump in and out of the three windows.

It’s not a case of “turning off the modal flag”. Modeless and modal dialogs are usually quite different in operation (for example, modeless dialogs need to be able to respond in real-time to edits made to the project) and require different approaches. That’s not to say that it wouldn’t be beneficial for more dialogs to be modeless, but making that happen is considerably more work than just “turning off” a “flag”!