Can't set dynamics differently per staff using popover & external kbd

Having trouble with note dynamics (p, mf, fff, etc.) on Dorico iPad, latest update. On a piano grand staff, I can’t set independent dynamics for bass and treble clefs. (Yes, I tried doing it via popover entry, ALT+RETURN, on a real external keyboard connected to my iPad.) It doesn’t seem to work at all.

Also, when I try to set the note velocities via PLAY section piano roll interface, the audio playback of the note velocities changes unpredictably or not at all. HELP!

Welcome to the forum @Anchoy3000 :slight_smile: unfortunately on Dorico for iPad you can’t input voice- or staff-specific notations using Alt/Opt-Return like you can on desktop. The Dorico for iPad documentation for inputting dynamics should give you only the Return option for this reason.

Thanks Lillie. Good to know! For the second part of my question, do you know why audio playback of velocity changes in the Play/piano roll are not sounding correctly on iPad?

Can you attach a minimal project that demonstrates velocity changes not taking effect?

What happens if you open a score edited on the desktop version containing separate dynamics?

In other words, if I’m working on something at my computer, then do some changes on my iPad and finally bring the edited file back to my computer. Will notations not supported by the iPad version be gone?

You shouldn’t lose anything of significance moving between iPad and desktop, and certainly not once Dorico 4 is released, at which point the iPad and desktop versions will be completely in sync with each other.

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Thanks, that’s great to hear Daniel!