Can't set global transpose to Independent

I have a song I started in GarageBand. I exported all the tracks as aiff and imported them into Cubase 7.5. Now I want to transpose all the tracks except the drum track. I read in the manual that I can set the root key, and then create a transpose track to bump everything up from A to C (3 half steps).

All is good except of course that I do not want to transpose the drum track. Again, the manual says I can open the drum audio part, and use the Info line to set the Global Transpose of that audio part to Independent (it currently says Follow). However, I can’t seem to set it at all! When I open the audio part, the Info line in the Sample Editor says Follow and it doesn’t respond to mouse clicks at all. I went through everything I could find and nowhere am I able to set this track or its audio part to Global Transpose Independent.

Any clues would be greatly appreciated!

(I also went through the Pool and set each individual aiff to the key of A, except for the drum track, which I left at - but this doesn’t seem to help at all.)

I also set the drum track’s Algorithm to “Standard - Drums” but that doesn’t help.

I’m afraid i have no idea why that is happening, but try the following (you have nothing to lose :wink: )…
Select your drum audio clip, and go to Audio menu>Bounce Selection. Can you now at least set the Bounced Selection to “Independent”?
IF that doesn’t work, you might also try copying that audio clip on to a new Audio track (not a duplicate of the original track… if the problem was there, you’d merely be duplicating the problem :wink: )

Thanks for the suggestions! So, I found out that if I lock the drum track before transposing, the drum track won’t transpose. Kind of gross because then I can’t edit it at all, but it did the trick. If I need to edit the track I will definitely try your suggestions! For now, this gets me on to the next step :slight_smile:.