Can't setup K2500X as midi controller in Cubase

I am having trouble setting up my K2500X as a MIDI controller in Cubase. I am using a MIDI In/Out to USB connector, but am unable to figure out how to set up this keyboard to control plugins such as HALLion Sonic SE. All MIDI settings on the keyboard are at factory default, but I cannot figure out the correct settings in the MIDI Device Setup window.

I currently have no MIDI signal going in to Cubase at all, and my MIDI cables are connected (In to Out, Out to In, etc).

If I can figure this out, I will likely be upgrading from the trial. Thank you for your help!

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You shouldn’t actually need to set up anything in the midi device window…though once connected your interface ports should show up in midi port setup.

To clarify the connection you are looking for is not your keyboard, it should the name of the midi interface (I guess this is what you mean by (I am using a MIDI In/Out to USB connector)

  1. Connect the keyboard to the interface
  2. Connect the interface to a USB port on your computer
  3. Restart Cubase as hot plugging USB midi doesn’t work
  4. Look in Midi port setup and confirm the USB interface is now showing an in and an out.
  5. Confirm you see midi activity on the transport bar when pressing a key (assuming midi activity meter is showing)
  6. Create instrument track, arm record and play.

Any problems post at what point this didn’t work!