Can't sign in automatically!!

Even when I select the option to sign me automatically each visit, my browser doesn’t remember my credentials.
I’ am using google chrome.
Any ideas?

same here. Internet Explorer.

+1 using Google Chrome


Same here IE8


This new forum needs some fine tuning… It’s a known issue and they are working on.
You can use Last Pass if you can’t wait…


same here on chrome

Glad I’am not alone!!
No problem here, I can wait a couple of days until it gets fixed :slight_smile:


Same prob on FF 3.6… but yeah teething problems and all that…
i bet it’s on the list of ‘fixes’ for C6 :wink:

Ah, so it’s not just me. I’m using Firefox 3.6.13

It’s a “feature” :smiling_imp:


And we are all New Members again!! :wink:

If you prefer you can become “guested” yourself save the faceless men at midnight coming to take you away :imp:

Me too on IE8

+1 on IE8, annoying!

good profile pic Keres, are you as good and miseriable as him? :laughing: :ugeek:

Hi Viking -

You’d be surprised! :slight_smile:

Same here on a Mac with Safari. I would have posted this in the “Cubase for Mac” section, but there is no such thing anymore.

Only people who are auto-signed in can see that forum.