Can't sign in to Download Mgr on Mac with latest update

The Mac already has D4 installed, I’m trying to updated with the latest release but now it’s not working. The only change (I haven’t used this computer much) is that the Download Mgr updated itself.

Hitting sign in brings up the web page, then the red Sign In button becomes selectable again, Eventually I get the Login Failed dialog shown.

Using Safari with autofill. As noted nothing has changed on my end. Only thing I notice is that the Steinberg “Accept Cookies” thing which is about the worst I’ve seen in terms of pestering, seems to have gotten even worse if possible. I’m constantly hitting that thing on different computers, really annoying. I accepted the cookies on on this computer several times already so I’m not sure that’s the problem but just mentioning.

So yeah can’t get this to sign in atm.

I don’t know what might be going on here, but I’ll see if I can get some suggestions for what you might be able to try.

Tried it later in the day, I noticed I had a VPN running, turned it off and this time it kicked in. I don’t know for certain the VPN was the issue - I have to believe it was tested under those conditions - and maybe it stopped glitching, but that’s what happened.

It might be helpful for our SDA team to see the logs anyway. Would you be kind enough to go to /Users/your-username/Library/Logs/Steinberg and zip up the Download Assistant folder and attach it here?


Download (28.7 KB)