Can't sign into mysteinberg

Not able to sign into Mysteinberg and can’t sign in to Submit a ticket to contact steinberg to query this problem. Every time I’m asked to confirm my id and I get sent a code. When I insert the code I’m asked to change my password for no reason I can see or are given. The fact the I can’t submit a ticket without changing my password is beyond me :unamused:

Thanks for any help.

I just had a fresh system install on Windows 10. I was able to download the software through the download assistant. Previously I deliberately didn’t install 10.5.12 because I’ve had big problems in the past installing small upgrades. My Cubase had been working fine before but with the new install 10.5.12 was installed and it has totally F’ed up and now I’m fed up. Audio huge dropouts continuously in recording and playback So now I’m stuck on 10.5.12 and I can’t get help or download an older version of Cubase.

Is there anybody out there or have we all installed Covid-19 and got the same problem as me.


So what Cubase version do you have installed now? Did you do some Windows optimisation?

Could you test your system by using LatencyMon utility, please?

Cubase Pro 10.5.12. I did some checking of my system and may have discovered the problem. I have four 8gb memory modules in my system. For some reason, Windows is reporting that all the modules are 4gb. Before I did the fresh reinstallation of windows the were all 8gb as labeled and everything was working fine and dandy. I’ll have to do a bit of research into this. Any help would be most welcome.