Cant split audio

After recording an audio file I want to split it onto different tracks for different processing. It seems to work as it always did in that the audio is separated and can be moved simply by dragging and dropping onto the new track. When I double click on either of the 2 sections, however, on either the original track or the new one created for the split-off section, it shows all of the original recording as if it had not been separated. I am pretty sure that this is not how things used to be. Is there a setting I might have accidentally changed or am I just forgetting something? The manual talks of events, parts and many other things that I have never had to deal with before , but as I have done the splitting and moving before with no problems I think I may have changed something by mistake.
Thanks in advanve

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Do you want to split it by channels or by time?

If you split it by time, the Sample Editor always shows the whole source file length and you can see the borders of the specific event. During the split, the cut is non-destructive, so you can change it anytime after.

If you want to make the new file out of it, use the Bounce Selection function, please.

Thanks for the response.
I’ll do as you suggest.