Can't start a project with Dorico



I just bought a digital copy of Dorico, thanks to the Crossgrade offer.
I downloaded Dorico using Steinberg Download Assistant.
I installed it and when it was done, I register using Steinberg’s eLicencer Control Center.
The key was accepted.
I launched Dorico, but when I wanted to start a new project, either using a template or a blank project, the program crashed. I have an error window saying :

I’m using Windows 10 on a XPS L702X laptop with an i7-2630QM CPU at 2.00GHz, 4.00 Go RAM and 127Go free space on my SSD.


The problem came from the Asio Driver.
I downloaded one from
I restarted Dorico, went to Edit menu -> Device Setup and chose the new Asio Driver.

P.-S. Forgive my english. I’m french.