Cant start cubase 11 trial as elicenser codes not recognised-am stuck in loop

Please help-I own cubase 8 LE and use a USB licenser, but I downloaded the Cubase 11 trial as I am thinking of upgrading-but the elicenser is impossible and causing me headaches.

I installed the download assistant. I downloaded the elicenser control center. I read the forums and looked for answers there. But when I try to start 11, I get sent on a cyclical wild goose chase of being asked for activation codes, and redirects to pages that have links for people with problems of this type to get codes emailed to them (which never arrive), I even tried a different email account and got the code but again went through this loop, and eventually end up back on the same webpage I start at, with no Cubase 11 programme opened. HELP!


Once you ask for Cubase 11 Trial, you should receive either a Download Access Code or an Activation Code.

If you have got Download Access Code, open your MySteinberg account and enter the Download Access Code here. The Activation Code has been generated.

Once you have an Activation Code, start eLCC application and click to Enter Activation code. Enter the code and click Download. Then click to start the Usage Period of the Trial licence. Now you are ready to go.

I did all this, and those bits went fine-but when I opened the cubase 11 trial program, it said “no valid license found”. It then said I needed to activate a license and asked me again, to input a code. I did that-and it said the code was already used! This is the endless cycle I am stuck in…


I’m sorry, if you did all the steps I described, you had to enter the Activation Code, download it and start the Usage Period. Then Cubase couldn’t ask you to Activate the license.

Are you sure, Cubase is asking to activate the license? Isn’t it asking to Register Cubase?

Could you attach a screenshot of the message, please?

Could you attach a screenshot of your eLCC application, please? Make sure the Soft-eLicenser Number and the USB-eLicenser Number is blurred, please.

Once I enter the activation code and click continue, I get the problem shown in the attached screenshot, and can get no further (picture 1).

Picture 2 is attached as requested.

I am totally lost and confused by all this.


I’m sorry, there are no screenshots.

As far as I know, after entering the Activation Code in the eLCC application, there is no Continue button, there is Download button.

Apologies, my error. Screenshots should be visible now.


As I can see, you activated Cubase Elements Trial. But you have probably downloaded and installed Cubase Pro Trial, which requires USB-eLicenser, which you probably don’t own.

Install Cubase Elements, please.

In your screenshot there is no USBlicenser showing. This needs to be connected (you said you had one in your first post).
This is why you’re getting the error message.

the usb licenser is for cubase 8 LE which I bought years back-it is not for the cubase 11 trial. Are you saying I need it plugged in to run a cubase 11 trial? Im also wary too, as I’ve read of many people who were in a similar situation to me who got their usb license messed up by trying to use it to deal with trials of newer versions-then couldnt open their old versions of cubase they’d paid for and been using.

A USB Elicenser is a physical device. It looks like this, or if it’s older it could be longer. Is that what you have?

really?! yes, of course i recognise a physical usb device. please reread my post. i have this for cubase 8 le. please REREAD my previous posts. i appreciate help but unless my comments are read it could lead to errors.

Please, I have read your posts. But according to the image above, you do not have the device plugged in. You have to plug it in, as others have pointed out here.

I asked in a post if that was needed but nobody confirmed it-again, i just want to check this-you are saying that even though that usb licenser is FOR CUBASE 8 LE, I somehow need it, in order to run the trial version of Cubase ELEVEN?

That seems VERY strange to me-but if you can confirm to me you have read this post fully, and still advise it, I will try give it a go…

It’s been said in this topic, and also on the trial download page.

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