Can't start Dorico

Hi everybody,
since today Dorico doesn’t start. When I click on the Dorico icon, a message window pops up and tells me that there’s an acces right problem and that I should start the Ellc. I did this and found the message that my HALION SE3 trial version has expired for more than half a year.
Starting the Task Manager I saw the the VST Audio Engine had loaded 0%.
Starting Dorico a 2nd time: the same procedure. I ignored the messages and this ended by a pop-up Windows Installer: Installation is being prepared.
I waited for 5 minutes - nothing happened :cry:

What is wrong?

I hope you’ve already resolved this, but in case you haven’t: I suggest you restart your computer, then run eLCC as administrator (right-click on its icon in Program Files and choose ‘Run as Administrator’), let it complete its maintenance tasks, and then run Dorico again. You should also ensure that your graphics card drivers are up-to-date, as outdated drivers are known to cause problems with the new video engine.

Thanks Daniel,
I bought DP2 last Saturday, so I hope that is not necessary to focus on D 1.2…