Can't start N12 on McBook due to Halion SE

could you please help with problem to start Nuendo 12 on MacBook Pro (2017), OS Monterey 12.6.7 ( it also has same issue on previous version of OS)?

When I start application it always stop and switch to safe mode with following reason:
The application was terminated with an error while executing the following file:
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/*/HALion Sonic SE com.steinberg.HALionSonicSE

If I select any any option in preferences eg. “Use current program preference” or any other it always terminate initial starting process of N12.

Initialization of N12 will break during initializing of HALion Sonic SE.vst3

Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The crash is obviously in HALion Sonic SE.

Make sure, you have the latest HALion Sonic (7) installed, please.

It might also happened, you have HALion Sonic SE 7 but also an older HALion Sonic 2 or 3 installed. In this case delete the old HALion Sonic SE (2 or 3). If you open the *.ips file, search for HALionSonic (without the space). If there is older HALion Sonic SE installed, you will find, where is the old component living, so you can simply delete it.

If it’s still crashing after, share the *.ips file, please.

Hi Martin,

I installed HALion 7 (even I don’t have licence for it) and reinstall Nuendo 12.
I can’t start Nuendo. I see there is not anymore description of problem in safe mode window.

On top of it there is no possibility to generate .ips as button is missing in safe mode window.
I uploaded .ips from console see. below.

Thank you

Nuendo 12-2023-06-27-191319.ips (45.3 KB)

Hi Pavel,

I recommended to install HALion Sonic 7, not HALion 7. You can find HALion Sonic 7 under the Nuendo > Nuendo 12 in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

The *.ips file still points to the HALion Sonic SE. And as I expected, if you search for the HALionSonic (without the space) in the *.ips file, you will find the HALion Sonic SE ( component, which makes Nuendo crashes. It’s stored in the /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/*/HALion Sonic SE. Remove it, please.

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I removed Halion Sonic SE and installed Halion Sonic 7 but still same problem.
Is there any other option how to resolve, please?
Thank you


Could you attach the latest *.ips file (after the removing), please?

Martin, unfurtunatelly ips report is not generated. I can’t find in console. Thank you


Do I understand correct, you removed the mentioned HALion Sonic SE ( component and Nuendo is still crashing?

Console is macOS utility. Just type console to the Spotlight, please.


seems like crashes after HALion SE removal and N12 reinstalation is not registrated in console. Below is list of all crashes history with last record from 27th I shared with you.


Do you see any other crash/ips file in the console, please? Any other application?

Hi Martin,
its still crashing but I downloaded new maintenance version and ips are no available. See attached.
Nuendo 12-2023-06-28-221811.ips (972 Bytes)

Seems that problem was caused by “Halion Sonic SE.vst3” from March 2015 which was stored in Library/Application Support/Stinberg/Components. I removed to trash bin and application started.

Thank you Martin for help.

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