Can't stop dotted rests

I can’t get rid of dotted rests in 2/2 (CutC). Notation Settings are set to “Disallow Dotted rests” in Simple Time Sigs.

XML import, if that matters. What am I doing wrong?

Screenshot 6.png

Check your xml import settings - chances are you’ve got the top left option set (can’t remember what and I’m on the move) that brings in everything as though Force Duration has been turned on. If that’s the case, no amount of fiddling with Notation Options will change anything.

I have Force Note Durations ON, but not Rest Durations. I’ve tried Selecting the surrounding notes and turning off Force Durations, as well as Reset Appearance and Position.

I can get separate rests by re-entering them with Force Duration on, but if I select them and turn off Force Duration, they go back to one dotted rest.

Hmm. I’ll have a play in a little while.

Click on the dotted rest, select Force Duration, then deselect Dotted notes (top icon) did it for me…

Yes, but hoping for a global fix. Invariably, I’ll miss one until I’ve printed it. :confused:

A. Notation Options > Simple Time Signatures > Disallow dotted rests only applies to Rests at the end of simple beats, so it’s not really surprising it’s not doing what you want it to do.
B. You might try entering a 4/4 time signature a bar after the Cut meter, then hiding it - that’ll split the rests. I don’t think there’ll be any undesirable side effects but do check carefully.

Yes, changing to 4/4 fixes them. Gould does seem to allow dotted crotchets in 2/2.

Hi, having a similar issue to this old case in 2019. In my case, the bar is 5/4. The eighth notes in this passage are grouped 3,3,2,2. 2 players in the ensemble have to play the last 5 8th’s of the phrase. Right now it’s showing in their parts, a quarter rest, a dotted quarter rest and the 5 pitches. I have tried changing the settings under both notation options and the suggestion from user fratveno copied above. No change. I did put the bar into 4/4 briefly, which did the trick, but after changing it back to the meter the passage is in, it reverted to the dotted rest. I know this will get botched in rehearsal (remember those?) and in performance.

You might find that using a “[3+3+2+2+2]/8” time signature added in the second bar and hidden via the ‘Hide time signature’ property is the best way to achieve this: that way you have to fix only the beaming and note grouping in the first bar, which will show the 5/4 time signature. If you could write e.g. “[1.5+1.5+1+1]/4” into the popover, this wouldn’t be necessary, but unfortunately the way the beat grouping works internally at the moment requires the use of whole numbers of a single beat unit. This is something we’d like to improve in future.