can't stop playback recording to next track....Help!

Hi Guys

i am having trouble recording a second track while playing the first track through my headphones to play along.
Using :

  • UR12
    *input track set to mono
    *output set to stereo
    *listening through headphones

The steinberg is acting as my pc’s sound card but if i playback any audio (even youtube on the PC) and have an audio track recording, it will get recorded to the next track.

What am i doing wrong???


Make sure you are using your UR12 as an Audio Device in Cubase. Double-check this in Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System. Steinberg/Yamaha USB Driver should be selected.

Once you record the first track, make sure, Record enabed is not switched on at the first track. Add other track, double-check its input, make sure record is enabled at this track and start record.

Just like all the many other posts asking that same Question: Disable loopback in the interdace control panel.

Oh, right! :bulb: