Can't switch correctly between two soundcards in Cubase LE5


I am working on Cubase LE5 under windows 7, 64 bit.
I have two soundcards:
1.Focusrite Scarllet 18i20 - which I use in my studio to record (Drum-set mainly).
2. TASCAM US-144mkII - Which I use at home (when I edit the parts an such…) as an interface to connect my laptop to the monitoring system and such…

I have recorded 7 mono audio tracks using the Scarllet 18i20 at my studio and saved the project. Everything was fine, I could here a good output and record freely.

Now I am at my home and I switched to my more basic soundcard the TASCAM. I have configured and checked that Cubase “Sees” the TASCAM through the VST Audio System and VST Connections and the master out bus is routed to the soundcards audio outputs.

The problem is that I still can’t hear any output at all when I try to playback the same project at my house using the TASCAM US-144mkII. Same goes for an imported Audio track that I added to the project as a test to see if it’s a “global” problem. When I opened the filed a dialog box poped up and said that it can not map the project (obviously, beacause it’s a different sound card with only 4 input instead of 18…).

What should I do?
I would like to be able to switch (While working/editing on the same project) between these two soundcards.

P.S. - Other application on the computer (Such as VLC, Firefox, etc. ) work just fine and I can hear a signale using the TASCAM.

Please Help !

To make a long story short (and more clear), when I try to playback through the Tascam US-144mkII what I have recorded using the Scarllet 18i20, I can’t hear anything in the Master output.
Please help.

Make sure output routing of all tracks is correct.

And the device ports are connected correctly.

Thanks for the advice,

I made sure everything was set up correctly in the device ports and output routing before posting this question but thank you anyway.

Unplugging and replugging the sound cards USB cable once or twice seemed to solve the problem.