Can't switch elastique algorithm


In VariAudio, why can’t I switch to another elastique algorithm?
Cubase always switches back to Standard - Solo, no matter what. When trying to change algorithm a message appears saying Cubase automatically switched “because VariAudio editing requires this”.

Any hint is appreciated,

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Because it works like that :man_shrugging:

If the algorithm isn’t changed when selected, how can you say “it works”?

Well, if


So, you can’t select any of the given algorithms because the function itself requires it not to happen. Like a dog running after its tail kind of.

Thanks for your kind and creative support.

And goodbye,

To be clear, Variaudio requires the algorithm, and would not work otherwise. Sorry if you’re peeved, but it does say that clearly in the message/

Thanks for being clear (and sorry for being sulky).
The result of the standard algorithms is just terrible sounding applied to the material I’m working on, that’s why I thought it was some kind of malfunction.

Peace, Martin.

Actually VariAudio is made for vocals and eventually some monophonic instruments, that’s why it will systematically switch to Standard - Solo.
I bet you are trying to use it on polyphonic or mixed material, or on material that has already been processed with reverb, delay etc. That will obviously sound awful.

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Yeah I got it now, you’re right, I was working on a two and three tone mandolin.
I thought the variaudio technique would be far greater today than it was a couple of years ago when I last used it. Works well on monophonic sources though.