Can't switch instrument sound in score mode

Has anyone noted that since the 9.5.10 update you can’t switch instruments in score mode? It stays stuck on whatever instrument is set in the project page. Is this a new glitch or have I done something wrong?

Don’t really understand the question. Wanna try rewording?

Okay, so you set up a piece in the project window, add instruments, switch from one instrument to the other, no problem, each sound of each instrument comes up. Now, you open the score for editing and now you have a score with the notes on it and the different staves. It used to be that if you clicked on the flute staff you would hear the flute, if you click on the violin staff you hear the violin. All of a sudden now, it won’t switch sounds. It stays on one sound for each and every staff. This is only in score edit mode and it is only since 9.5.10 update. It worked fine before.

I see. Nothing has changed in that regard. I can think of a couple of things that might cause that though.

Are you in the lower zone or windowed editor?

Is the Acoustic Feedback button turned on?

Do you have solo defeat active on a track?

It easier to help when you use the Cubase or DAW vocabulary - eg, Track, or staff, not Instrument.

Steve, thanks so much for giving me feedback. I made a quick check…Acoustic feedback button is on…touching the individual notes with the mouse produces the correct sound, but selecting the staff does not. Somehow it is not sending the switch of staves to the midi controller in score edit mode. In project mode it does. No solo defeat is active and no windowed mode used.

Read the Cubase Troubleshooting tips and the Safe Start section in the knowledgebase. Start up in Cubase Safe Start Mode, or initialize prefs as needed.

If the problem persists, zip and upload your project, maybe I can see whats wrong.

What happened when you initialized preferences?

Thanks for the suggestions, I went into preferences and tried different settings, including setting everything to defaults, but no change. Simply put, everything works, except when you’re in score mode and you select a staff and make it the active staff, the sound assigned to that staff doesn’t come up, only whatever the sound your project page is on comes up. If you go back to the project page and change the instrument it will switch the sound for that instrument and it will now come up on the particular staff. I don’t know how else to articulate it. This has never been an issue in almost 20years of using Cubase.

This one has me stumped. It must be a hidden setting somewhere and I must have tripped it inadvertently , but I can’t for the life of me figure it out.

I don’t get the impression that you are reading my posts.

Steve, I might have found a clue! At the bottom of the MixConsole are the red record enable buttons. In Project Mode, when you select a specific instrument track, that track’s red button comes on and that instrument sounds when you play your keyboard. When you select another track with another instrument, the red button shifts to that selected track and you hear that sound when you play your keyboard. Now in score editing mode, when I switch from one instrument staff to another, the record enable button doesn’t shift to the new track automatically. I tried different settings in the preferences menu under Project and MixConsole, but nothing there seems to affect anything. If I can find the setting that causes the record enable button to shift on selection of a staff in score edit mode, that will do it.

I did try your suggestions, but no results. Now I am just experimenting.

I found it! The Record in Editor button in score edit mode was off (left upper corner). The second I switched it on everything worked. I will now officially go shoot myself…ha, ha! It’s always some little thing like that, isn’t it?

Steve, thank you hugely for your patient efforts. You did get me thinking more and searching harder.