Can't syncronize external synths

I tried to send midi clock from Cubase to sync the Roland TB 03,Elektron Analog Rytm and some Moog synths and the synths don’t follow Cubase time,completely async,erratic and even like double timing.

Any ideas?


How are you physically connecting all these units together? Are you daisy-chaining the Cubase generated MIDI Clock output from your RME to one unit and using Thru to the next unit and so forth? Detail your hookup and clock settings for each external unit. Are the units completely independent from Cubase beyond receiving MIDI clock (is Cubase providing note or controller data to them in addition to clock)?

One at the time since nothing seems to work.
USB (TB 03,Elektron) MIDI (Moog)
Cubase configurated to send MIdi Clock to destination and tried all combination about settings.

The TB03 worked today after firmware update (1.06)
Tomorrow I’ll try to make work the Rytm and Moog.