Can't take the Cubase issues anymore

I’ve gotten new computers, I’ve reinstalled, re-formatted, messed with different combinations of plugins, etc;
but in the end, the same bugs keep returning. Most notable and frequent are the following:

  1. Close a project. Open a new project. instant crash, Cubase closes (this happens 80% of the time). I swap between projects OFTEN. this is such a killer.

  2. After hours and hours working on a track, eventually it becomes unstable. I can no longer ADD any additional plugins. Can’t add new synths. Can’t add new FX. Nothing happens when I try to. Even via the SoundBrowser nothing gets played or added. Eventually the project freezes my pc and I need to reboot.

These things happen in EVERY project I have, small or little .They happen ALWAYS eventually when I work on long serious projects.

My CPU is super powerful and stable (i7 quadcore 3.4 Ghz, 8 gigs of RAM, etc etc)

WHAT can I do to fix Cubase to a stable condition?? Its absolutely destroying my work flow. Please help

edit: I am running Cubase 6.0.7

Are you using it at 64bits?

What plugs are you using on those projects?

Obviously, that’s not normal behavior. Otherwise, Cubase wouldn’t be regarded a top recording software these days if it had such stability issues. It’s kinda hard to say what’s causing these problems for you, given the innumerable combinations of hardware and software that exists today. It could be something as simple as turning OFF your wireless adapter (if you use one) or Anti-Virus software, to a bad RAM stick or even a bad power supply. Like I said, too many variables without much info to go by. If you could provide more detail about your software and hardware configurations, that would help a little.

BTW, I’ve been using Cubase 64 bit for months on Windows 7 64 bit without too many issues. Yes, I’ve had a few, I won’t lie. But they weren’t anything I couldn’t resolve on my own, and mostly related to other software I was using in conjunction with Cubase. I used to beta test for a big plugin company, so that was part of it. But I digress. More info, please :slight_smile:.

Well, I’ve eliminated the hardware possibility since this is now my 3rd build with completely new parts and the same problems persist. I am using Cubase 32 bit on a Windows 64 bit installation.
The most puzzling thing is that every time I re-format my computer, start over, etc, Cubase seems to be running perfectly without any flaws. Around the 2 month mark this stuff starts happening and it gets worse and worse until I say eff it, lets try re-installing everything again.

SOMETHING is up and its software related.
Any ideas? If I call Steinberg support, can they help?

I’ve never had to contact Steinberg’s tech support, so I can’t say how good/bad they are. No harm doing so though. Give it a shot!

Use Cubase x64 with x64 plugins, and jBridge for x32 plugs

Ok i know you said you’re using completely new hardware but i have to ask, so this may sound like a stupid question…
Are you 100% using everything new?
Reason i’m asking is friend of mine had very similar issues with his Cubase few months ago. Figured it was his PC, so we built him a brand new rig. He re-used his hard drive though… Weeks later everything started going pear-shaped. Files being corrupt, various DLL errors, projects not saving. Anyways, cutting to the chase, it ended up being his hard drive, that he re-used from previous rig.
Are you by any chance using the same hard drive as before ???

Interesting, cause I and many others have zero problems with the same software (be it 6.5.3 in 64 bits for me). You need to give more info - also to support if you contact them: which non-standard plugins, VSTi’s do you use, which other peripherals including audio and MIDI interface etc…

eventually it becomes unstable.

I hear ya. Interested to know are you using Rewire at all?

I had this constantly until I (grudingly) moved to 6.5, but I’ve not had it with any fresh projects since. However, the problem persists with anything started before installing 6.5. but if I open them, batch export audio/midi to a new folder & re-install VST’s manually it runs fine. Even if I save the settings as pre-sets in the original (I use the track name + number) it works when I re-install them! The only non-steinberg VST’s I run are Nebula & Ozone 4, but it was mostly native stuff like Halion & Reverence which simply refused to open, then shortly after the whole project would freeze. I suspect 6.5 is the last of my money Steinberg is going to see, I think it will be less time consuming learning a new DAW than constantly coming up with workarounds whist watching the ‘Windows is searching for a solution’ screen.

I can’t help with the first problem (it didn’t affect me) other than suggest closing with the task manager. I really hope you find a solution soon, because it’s stressful constantly waiting for the axe to fall. And I do this for fun…


It looks to me that you are running out of memory. Why you don’t install the 64-bit version, so you can use the 8 Gb of RAM ?



You dont say which Audio device you’re using. Could this be the one thing that’s been omnipresent throughout all your builds that could be messing things up?

Also, the next time your PC starts to slow down you should try looking around Task Manager at the processes and performance to see if something obvious is taking all your resources. (Ctrl+Alt-Del, then click Task Manager)

Are you aware of how to optimise your computer for DAW use? There’s loads of info on the internet.

Have you gone into Cubases Device setup and clicked Steinberg power mode, multi-processor support etc?

If you are using synthedit plug-ins, free or not, or plug-ins which uses synthedit to implement their GUI, stop searching !

Alternatively think about switching to a Mac Pro…it’s a big step, I know, but having made the switch about a year ago myself, I simply don’t get any of these problems anymore.

I wouldn’t touch a Mac with someone else’s barge pole

being advised to get a mac is the worst advice you’ll ever get …

It has been confirmed by Steinberg, that Cubase runs better under Windows …

A PC is a computer - a mac is an (expensive) image statement.

Whatever…not getting drawn into that silly debate

:open_mouth: Could you please post where and when has Steinberg confirmed this?


Ahh… the eternal “blame the software” debate…
Life would be so much easier if people realized that when it come to a mature program like cubase, 90% of problems is configuration related, 9% is plugins and perhaps 1% is actual cubase bugs, and start their problem solving with that mind set.
We’ve all had the occasional problem, but when you troubleshoot in the right order:
hardware - OS - drivers - software - plugins - host(cubase),
it’s only a matter of time before the problem is found.
Blaming cubase does nothing to solve your problem, and is just silly, considering how many of us with similar PC configurations have zero problems with it.

Agreed. It’s right up there with “Reinstall windows” being offered up as advice for solving any software problem. Just plain ignorance.

This topic is finished…if nobody is trying to help.
A discussion of Apple or Windows…which is better or even worse etc…

is not part of the topic, so please folks try to help this guy.



Might want to take a closer look at RAM as suggested. I have a very similar setup to yours but with 16 Gb of RAM @ 64 bit (though to be honest, I never had problems @ 32 bit) I use lots of pretty demanding plugs with smooth sailing. Hope you can resolve your problems. Been there myself. Good luck.