Cant transfer a (working) license to/from a certain eLicenser

In short:
I’ve got a working hardware eLicenser with a valid Cubase Pro 9.5 license on it which allows me to use CP9.5 no problem, but I can’t transfer this lincense to any of my 2 other dongles, nor can I put my existing Artist 8.5 or Padshop Pro licenses on this dongle with CP9.5 on it.

Now the (long) story: (can be skipped to TL;DR)
Today I’ve bought a used eLicenser with Cubase Pro 9.5 license on it. The guy who sold it to me, also helped me register the dongle at my Steinberg account right away. When I got home I launched the program on my PC, all is fine. A bit later I decided to drop this license to my other dongle (which also has my Artist 8.5 and Padshop Pro licenses on it). Couldnt do this because of an error saying that ~at least one of the dongles was disconnected during the transfer (apparently it wasnt during the dozens times I did it). I then took my third eLicenser (with 25-hour demo license on it) which was included with Artist 8.5 box (bought the box when I already had the first dongle) and tried to transfer my licenses between all three of them.
What I got: Artist 8.5 and Padshop Pro lincenses can be transferred with no problem between the 2 dongles that I already had, but none of them can be put to the new (used) dongle with CP9.5 on it, nor can the CP9.5 be transferred to any of my 2 other dongles (all with the same error).
I have latest eLicenser software, I re-checked this situation using my Macbook with latest eLicenser software and had the same problems, I did numerous restarts and performed maintenance tasks on both PC and Mac, nothing has changed. I can confirm that all this time the CP9.5 can be launched all fine, meaning that the dongle can be considered somewhat working.

I bought a dongle with the Pro 9.5 license because the deal was same price as to upgrade my existing Artist 8.5 to Pro 9.5 online, but I now also got another dongle that I planned putting my Artist 8.5 license on to sell it, having 2 other eLicensers with Pro 9.5 and Padshop on 1st and a 2nd backup dongle.

What can be suggested for me to do next? Can I somehow still accomplish my initial plan described above? Maybe ZDT is an option here (?), but will the Pro 9.5 dongle be usable after I mark it “broken” in order to use ZDT?
Thanks in advance, kind people.

P.S. I also couldn’t find proper support e-mail address (being constantly redirected to “Find your local dealer and deal with him”) or page for support ticket submission, that’s why I’m here.

Hrdwr specs just in case: PC i7 7700k, MSI PC-Mate H270, 8gb Ram, Win10 Home unactivated.
Macbook Pro 13” mid-2012, Mac OS 10.13.3.

150 bucks for a Cubase Pro license sounds too good to be true. Disconnect ALL dongles besides the one with Cubase 9.5 in it and try to activate a trial for another Steinberg product that requires an USB eLicenser, like the Yamaha Vintage Plug-in Collection.

Do you get an error?

Thank you for the response. Nice idea, I just tried what you’ve said and got same error on both systems with “broken” dongle, Yamaha license didn’t go there. However it did nicely on one of the working ones.
That way the dongle can be really considered broken, apart from it providing a working license.

The Artist8.5 to Pro 9.5 upgrade is 329 eur for me, which is somewhat normal for used full Pro license that I got in places where I live.

Edit: And just in case, I ran the eLicenser app as admin, didn’t help.
Can someone please provide steinberg support mail? Can’t find it anywhere, I’m forced to deal with local Yamaha dealer which is ehhhh…

Oh sorry, I forgot that you had Artist 8.5 and not Pro.

Who did you buy this Cubase Pro license from? I still find this suspicious, but I guess you can try to activate Zero Downtime on that dongle to see if support can help you.

Yeah, I’ve bought it from a guy via local “all-purpose” web marketplace, we then met to make the deal, he helped me register dongle to my accout. I’ve emailed him asking if he had a problem registering license first time, cause he gave me the dongle box, I thought he purchased license online, but he replied that he also bought it some time ago on the same site. Dunno. The license shows up in MySteinberg account, seems legit.

Zero Downtime seems the only option if I’m about to move the license to other licenser. I would just really appreciate some info on that - will there be any use in the future for the dongle that I will mark broken to use ZDT? I guess as I’m unable to throw any license at it, neither it will change in the future.

Activating Zero Downtime will brick that dongle.

Thank you for that.

If anyone who sees it has any idea what also to do with such a “greedy” elicenser without bricking it, I will be glad to know that.

I’ve sent a support ticket through Yamaha with problem description from my original post, although I’m totally not sure how this works and will my ticket eventually get to who it must get to at Steinberg Support.