Can't transpose down a half-step

I know there’s been plenty of discussion about the whole “diminished unison” thing, but does anyone else have the problem that they can’t transpose a selection down from, say, E to E-flat? I’ve had this happen in two separate files!!

I set the values in the “Calculate interval” field, but when I hit “Apply,” it defaults to “Perfect unison” and doesn’t transpose.

I can get around it by setting the key signature to E flat, selecting all the notes, and pressing Shift-Alt-down arrow, but something is definitely amiss here.

I had that exact same problem but there was another key change further in the music that prevented that transposition. As usual, transpose by chunks, using system track. If it still doesn’t work, send the file for the team to figure it out!

Thanks, I’ve emailed the file to Daniel.

I realize it would involve an extra step that shouldn’t be necessary but you could try doing the transposition in two steps, for example from E to G and then from G to Eb.

I find that I can do the E to Eb transposition using the calculate interval method, but only if I uncheck transpose key signatures.