Can't trial Cubase Elements because no emails are being sent to me

I really just want to try Cubase Elements out, but the website apparently has issues.

I’ve registered an account, activated it, and have multiple times requested a trial, but nothing is ever sent to me. I’ve tried it for 3 days now. Why is it so difficult to get this going? Can you look into the server? It says I should have an email but there’s nothing and yes, I checked my spam folder.

I’d rather not post my email address in plain text, but if it’s for a mod or something, I could pm it to you to pass on if we could do that.

It might be easier to create a new email address for this.

Well I ended up having to do that to get my trial. I just think it’s a bit silly it’s set up like this, perhaps if it wasn’t email based and they could just lihnk it with your account, like having it on an account page instead.

I want to delete those two other accounts now since I won’t be using them, but I guess it’s not big deal.

Yeah, that’d work!