Can't trigger vitual synths with MIDI

I was meddling with settings (on my RME Babyface and within Nuendo) and all of a sudden I cannot trigger any MIDI notes in Nuendo.
I use a Korg MicroKey (via USB) to play notes. I am able to trigger standalone synths no problem.
I am able to play MIDI tracks from old Nuendo project files. These play the notes on my virtual synths. I just cannot play the synths or record MIDI notes with my MicroKey as I used to. Oddly there is in fact MIDI activity shown when I play keys on my Kor MicroKey.

RME BabyFace
Korg MicroKey
Nuendo 7

Screen shots. Unfortunately this site isn’t allowing me to post the first image, so click the link (there is indeed MIDI activity indicated when I play notes on my Korg MicroKey)

Alright I took snapshots of settings from a cloned drive from before this happened. That allowed me to figure this one out.
I toggled OFF the “1” channel button on the “MIDI - MIDI Filter” page. That solved the problem. Hopefully this helps somebody in the future.
This pictures shows when channel 1 was incorrectly turned on.