Can't turn cycle loop on or off while recording?

This has always bugged me.

There have been moments I’ve become inspired within a phrasing that I’ve wanted to click a square, cycle selection and hit loop while in the midst of recording. But no, I have to press stop, interrupt everyone, stop the flow… reset the cursor to the beginning, hit loop, and then press play-rec again.

There have been moments, where the production flow is fast, loop is getting turned on off all the time, Im rotating between my instruments, the clients, the screen, and back… and I forget to take loop out the one friggin time i really - do - not - want to be stuck in loop… and I’m sitting there, and the take is so far fantastic and I want to keep it going and I cannot take it out of loop and I’m left there sitting quietly yet in my head extremely loudly cursing myself and pondering… well, do I let this shit run as far to the end until the loop causes the cycle restart… or do I stop the take early like in the next 5 seconds in a part that is less obtrusively blatantly unexpectedly abrupt.

Steinberg, why is this a thing?


Happens to me very often… yes, should be changed!


Do other DAWs operate this way???

This has made me curse more than a few times!

There is a kind of workaround though -

Make sure you have ‘Audio Pre Record’ enabled - I’ve set mine at 30" which is no big deal on computers these days.

As you are cursing because loop mode is on and you are coming up to the right hand marker…

…you’ll remember you can now quickly drop out of record, turn the loop off, and go back into record before you hit that marker.

Because of ‘Audio Pre Record’ you go to your ‘hole’ in the recording and drag the waveform back to fill it back up.

Still, I’d rather it was dealt with by Steinberg.

Good work around

I’m using that workaround as well. But still it’s not clear to me why cycle can’t be toggled while recording. My guess is that the stacked lanes that happen on cycle recording make (or made) it necessary, kind of an internal difference in file handling. Whatever, that’s just my guess which of course doesn’t help at all…

For myself, it’s accidentally forgetting to turn off loop after hitting record.

I also wonder if other DAW’s allow this, and how involved it would be to change this? Maybe add it in the Feature Requests?

That could be it, but at the same time… a workaround could be coded. I mean, you can disarm recording on individual tracks while recording and re-arm to start re-recording and you’re able to edit those previous cycles while recording new ones without having to stop playback.