Can't turn off 'snap to grid' in Dorico's MIDI editor?

Couldn’t find much on this topic so looking for an answer.

Have I missed something? The notes snap to the MIDI grid, which is definitely not what you want if trying to create a realistic performance from samples. Snap needs to be off to overlap notes. This is standard in all DAWs. Has Dorico got this somewhere and I’ve missed it?

Hopefully, Dorico keeps the MIDI information separate from the displayed notation, so editing doesn’t affect the score. Thanks in advance for any help.

The button on the right shows notated durations and the one on the left shows sounding durations. I’m guessing you’ve missed the one on the left.

Thank you!
Next question… how do I select all MIDI notes to slightly overlap every note for a more legato effect?

If you really want to apply it across the board, you’re probably better off setting the options in Playback Options > Timing in such a way that your notes are the correct length by default.

Otherwise you can marquee select, but you’re probably best selecting all and filtering notes in the score editor rather than the MIDI editor, then setting the Playback End Offset property.