Can't uncheck players in flow

Well this is annoying. I created a project with a full orchestra and need to reduce the players for one flow. But the sidebar won’t resize and there is a scrollbar in the way of the checkbox. Resizing windows, etc, doesn’t help.

If you’re happy to share, upload your project here so we can have a peek.

Just closed and reopened. It lets me uncheck a few more players and then the sidebar snaps behind the scrollbar again…

Project isn’t even started. Just used the “concert orchestra” template, duplicated the flow a couple times and then went back to the first flow to uncheck players.

I was on 4.0.0.something and I just updated to the latest and now there is just enough space to fit my mouse in there to uncheck them.

We’re aware of this problem. It happens when one of the player names ends up especially long, and instead of eliding it (i.e. replacing part of the middle of the name with an ellipsis) so that it fits the width of the card, it ends up widening the card, but because the panel gets no wider, you end up unable to click on the checkbox. You can also exclude players from a flow via the right-click context menu, so that’s worth bearing in mind.