Can't understand how to add Insert FX

I’ve gone over the manual several times and played around with Halion SE but I can’t wrap my head around how to implement Insert FX. I see the 4 buses in the FX Page that give me Send FX and I see the 4 sends sliders on the Mix page but how do I add an Insert FX to a single channel/ouput? It’s probably simple pilot error but can anyone explain this to me?


You can’t add inserts to individual channels in Halion Sonic SE, only to the Master channel. You’ll have to use the 16 outputs to process the channels in Cubase.

In the full version, you can add 4 insert effects to each instrument’s output and 4 insert effects to each layer of the instrument (so up to 20 inserts per channel). Additionally it comes with a much newer sound library and much deeper editability.