Can't understand QuickControls

Hey all. Topic says it all. I have a Behringer BCF2000. I currently use it to control various midi parameters. I’ve set it up so that fader 1 is cc7, #2 is cc1, #3 is Breath. These get routed to various parameters on my vsti’s within which I use Midi learn to help with automation.

I’ve been trying to understand the concept of Quickcontrols. How are they different, or how can they supplement my use of the BCF as described above? Also, if I assign QuickControls to the BCF, will I lose the midi controller functionality I assigned above?


I usually use Automap for my Impulse… but I suppose you can link the QC to input options on your behringer and then have each VST be controlled through QC, with the 8 buttons on fixed positions on your berhinger, but each VST has different controls linked to QC…

But how is that different than controlling the midi parameters and using autolearn without assigning the quick controls?

I’m struggling with this too.

I think the concept lies in the word “quick”. If you assign the Beringer knobs to the 8 quick controls, then whenever you go to a vst where the QCs are already defined, you are all set. The Beringer knob will control whatever parameter is assigned to that particular QC automatically from VST to VST.

If the VST does not have defined QC assignments (or you don’t like the default assignments) then there is the additional step of defining the things the QC knobs control on the VST. Then the Beringer will control them.

An advantage of this is that it doesn’t matter what midi CCs your Beringer knobs are assigned to. They will always control the particular QC you assigned it to, and that QC will control assigned parameters on each VSTs. QC is essentially a translator between your static Beringer midi CC assignments and the many VSTs with their varied CC assignments.

I think.

That makes some sense… But, lets say I have fader one assigned to Volume {cc7}, if I assign a qc for that fader to do something else, won’t I lose the cc7 function?

Not sure. I think the QC assignment would take over if that VST were the focus, other times it wouldn’t. Like I said, I’m still trying to sort this out too!

How do you have your BCF assigned in Cubase-Mackie Control?

I have an Impulse too-using Automap you can only assign Quick Controls to something that is Automapped, as far as I can tell.

Just guessing - could you use another BCF preset for Quick Controls so the parameters you’ve set stay there?

I have a BCR2000 too. Between figuring out that and the BCF and the Impulse has been interesting, still working on it.