Can't uninstall Cubase 6.5

Hello there… again

I’ve encounterd a lot of problems with my Cubase the last couple of weeks. So I decided to give it a fresh, clean re-install.
When I try uninstalling it gives me an error message saying "A network String occured while attempting to read from the file: C:/Windows/Installer/Cubase6_64bit.msi.

I’ve googled around without luck… How do I solve this issue?


Please, do anyone have some kind of idea or soulution?

Seems to be plenty of info via Google.

Well I didn’t find anything that fixes my problem.
If you have a good link, i’d appreciate a lot if you could send it

Thing to do would be to list what exactly you tried so others wouldn’t waste their time listing the moot. The fix is the same everywhere I looked so… .

2 links with possible solutions:

Yeah checked them both earlier. thanks for the links anyway.
The first link is my exact problem. He solved it by choosing “repair” but I get this crap. (watch attachment)…

I’m obviously not a computer genious.

Leave Cubase out of the search.

Well obivously I’m not finding the soulution.