Can't update Cubase Studio 4.0 Educational Version

I’ve done a clean install of Windows XP and am trying to reinstall Cubase Studio 4 Educational. I have my original DVD install disc with version 4.0.1 on it and my original elicenser key. I can install the version on the DVD and there is no problem with that…installs, licenses, can launch and works, but when I try to upgrade to v4.1 and then to v4.5.2 there is a problem.

I downloaded the v4.1 update from the Steinberg site at but when I go to install it I get to 18% and get an alert saying the update can’t continue, that there are either components missing in the original install or the update patch is the wrong version. As a result I of course can’t install the v4.5.2 update either. I then tried downloading the full v4.1 ISO install image from the same webpage linked above, but when I install that I can’t get the software to associate with my elicenser, I assume because the v4.1 install is the regular version of Cubase Studio 4 and not the Educational version?

Is there any way to resolve this? The last time I did this several years ago there wasn’t any problem.

Same issue here cant update in any way. Whats wrong? Anyone with help?
Thanks in advance