Can't update to Cubase 6.0.7 (SOLVED)

When launching the update installer it will just briefly open and instantly close again, without the installation actually starting :cry: .

I’ve tried “almost” everything:

  • Fixing update installation issues on Windows (Steinberg knowledge base): MS Fixit
  • Run in compatibility mode: Windows XP (SP 2 and 3) and Vista
  • Run as Administrator
  • Troubleshoot compatibility. At the end of the process Windows inform: incompatible application

I have had NO problems at all when updating to Wavelab 7.2.1 or Halion 4.5.2


Any Help?

Did you try redownloading the installer in case it got corrupted?
Are you quitting all running programs, virus protection etc?

The first thing to install with any update is the elicencer software, so maybe try updating this on it’s own first with the download from the elicencer site…you do have the elicencer connected I take it?

Thanks for your answer Grim.

I have followed all your suggestions but unfortunately the problem persists. I still can not update.

Any other clues?

Right-click on the installer and unpack with any unrar/unzip software.
After that, you can navigate to the unpacked folder and run all installers separately.

Hi Pixie,

Sorry for my delay in replying. I’ve been traveling these days (in Paris).

I have followed your instructions and IT WORKS :smiley: . I’ve upgraded to Cubase 6.0.7 without any problem.

You’re a genius!

Happy to have been of service :wink: .
Have fun.