Can't upgrade Cubase because I can't login to my account


I have tried to upgrade to Cubase 12, but I cannot login at the beginning of the payment form.

I have the right password (I changed it 3 times!), I can login to Steinberg with the password, but I cannot connect to my account when I’m on the payment form.

I tried with Edge, Chrome and Mozilla several times.

Thank you for your help


I found that a bit confusing my self: that account is not the same of your Steinberg account, but another one just for the payment website.
You can create a new one, or start the “forgot password” if you already used it in the past.

Hope this helps.

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Hello Dream,

Indeed, I know we had two accounts for the shop and Steinberg but it does not work either :frowning: I had the same password for both.

OK. You were right :smiley: I clicked on “forgotten password” on the login popup and it redirected me on a very different page than the one I used to change my password previously. I apparently didn’t have the same password after all!

It seems to work now.

But it’s pretty confusing: it’s very difficult to find a link to log in to this account.

Thank you very much for your help!

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Glad you were able to do it.
Enjoy C12!