cant upgrade from Artist 8.5 to Pro 9 due to auto licence update

Hi All - having a licence issue, if any can assist it would be greatly appreciated.

I have Cubase Artist 8.5, I purchased an upgrade to PRO 9 (the upgrade is valid for artist 6 up to 8.5). I ran maintenance on the licencing app and it automatically upgraded my licence to artist 9 (free upgrade).

Now I cant install my PRO 9 upgrade as it was only valid from Artist 6-8.5,

i.e. the upgrade doesnt work from artist 9, only 8.5.

Any suggestions are welcome
Ive tried: other forums, reinstalling 8.5, reinstalling PRO9, clearing the licence keys etc…

Thanks all,

Your license is completely separate from your software installation. You don’t have to reinstall anything.

What you’ll have to do is contact Steinberg support through your MySteinberg.

OK…so you must have bought 8.5 during the Grace period for the C9 update…you can’t have run maintenance since Dec last year or it would have happened before.

As said, you have to contact Steinberg support…Hopefully they will refund the update you are unable to use and you can buy the correct (& cheaper) upgrade from Artist 9.

Ok thanks Grim - Ive contacted them so will go from there, from what I hear it can be a long wait! no real issue though, I’ll use Artist 8.5 in the meantime.


Except the 40% discount currently on upgrades finishes in 5 days…hopefully you’ll get some response before then or they’ll sort you out the discount regardless.