Cant upgrade from cubase 9 pro

i bought cubase 13 pro with special price because i own cubase 9 pro. i was surprised yesterday by email; cubase 13 will be expired. i tried to switch the license i have on elicenser and i failed 135 times :slight_smile:

What does it mean “cubase 13 will be expired”?
If you bought a C13 license, download Cubase 13 and use the Activation manager app. no need for the elicenser anymore.

It disnt work it seems


As Statherain said you don’t have elicenser anymore, you need to active your 13 license by Steinberg Activation Manager
open Start menu and search “Steinberg Activation Manager”

i did that, but it took me to a license upgrade page with elicenser (since its my license there for cubasae9 pro)
then it said to select the license that i want to upgrade. i selected the pro 9, but it failed to upgrade…
i purchased with promo price because i have pro 9.
but i feel sorry i spent my money and it doesnt do verification and activations…


You can add your Cubase 13 activation code using this page
then use Redeem Download Access Code.

Indis everything possible :joy: