Can't upgrade license.


I have downloaded Cubase 8 upgrade from 7,5.
I have received an activation code in the email.
When i connect my dongle, i can see that there is a Cubase 7 license activated and on MySteinberg i can also see that the product is activated (i have been using 7,5 for two years without issues)

Now i am trying to upgrade the license on the dongle so i can start Cubase 8 but it gives me a message that there is no upgradable lisence to upgrade!

I was searching for ours on the forum and on the web and i don’t know what do to. Please assist me.

Some people said that i need to re-download access code but i don’t know how to do that.

Thanks in advance.

Q. 1. Do you own a C7 license or a C7.5 license?

Q. 2. Did you buy an upgrade from C7 or an upgrade from C7.5?

It sounds like you may have bought the wrong update.


Thanks for te reply.

I do own a C7 licence.

I did buy un apgrade from 7,5. what do i need to do if i have purchased the wrong update?

I’d say that you’ll need to sort this out with Tech support now, no matter what, for them to sell or amend you’re license issue.

They’re the only one’s that’ll be able to do so.

Thanks for the reply.

Have you tried updating eLicenser to latest version?

Oh yea right - try that ^^^^^ first.

If you own C7 and bought an update from C7.5, that has to be the problem. You really need to talk to whomever you bought the update from. Asknet?