Can't upgrade, the site will not accept my payment!!!

I know this is not the place for this kind of thing but I’ve been trying to purchase the 9.5 upgrade and the Steinberg site will not accept ANY of my credit cards for the purchase…and no, there is no problem with my card accounts. I’ve already contacted the cardholders and they say all is good with them. This is getting to be a real pain since there is NO phone number where I can talk to someone at Steinberg to get this resolved. It all has to be done through their site and I have to wait 24-48 hours for a reply. This will be the 2nd go round in waiting for a reply. This is getting old quick.

I love the program and want to buy the upgrade but if I’m going to continue to problems it trying to do so I’ll delete it and find something else to use.

Thanks for allowing me to vent

After 2 calls to Steinberg and to Asknet the problem has been resolved. It seems it has to do with it being an international purchase since the Asknet call center is in Germany. I had to use my Paypal account to forward the purchase request to my credit card instead of trying to use the card for the payment directly. I just wanted all to know that the people both at Steinberg and Asknet were very nice and very quick with the solution and I am up and running.

Thanks, Dominick