Can't upgrade to Dorico 4

I bought Dorico 4 today. I tried to upgrade it thru the Steinberg Download Assistant. But it says it’s not upgradeable.
At this link, I see this person had the same problem. I cannot upgrade Dorico 4 pro from 3.5 pro. He was advised that this is normal and he should go to the Steinberg Application Manager. I don’t have a Steinberg Application Manager. I’ve got a folder called Steinberg Activation Manager, but the file inside it does not open. It opens a page and keeps asking me to Try Again.
This is all a pretty disappointing process, I’m afraid. Can anyone advise. Pictures attached.

When you say you’ve bought Dorico 4 - did you buy it as an upgrade from Dorico 3.5, or is it a wholly new purchase? If it is an upgrade (or you bought Dorico 3.5 in the grace period) then it is true that eLC will need to be able to find your Dorico 3.5 license in order to check its eligibility, but this is just a one-off operation to set up the license. If it is a new purchase then you don’t need the upgrade check at all.

Dorico 4 does indeed use the Steinberg Activation Manager (not the eLicenser Control Center), and this should be installed automatically by the Steinberg Download Assistant. If for some reason that installation hasn’t worked you can also download the its installer from here Steinberg Activation Manager | Steinberg

Thanks, Richard. I bought an update from Dorico 3.5.
I rebooted my computer. The Steinberg Activation Manager now opens, but it tells me No Licenses Found, and I should go to the Steinberg Download Assistant to enter a Download Access Code. (See pic)

When I go to Download Assistant it asks for my Download Access Code. But I don’t have one. What I do have is an Activation Code, which I got when I paid for the software at the Steinberg shop. When I enter the Activation Code, it takes me to the screens I showed in my earlier message.
So, since neither the Activation Manager nor the Download Assistant works,
what next?

The good news is that everything looks good on the server side: you have successfully activated your Dorico Pro 4 update. So all we need to do is get you up and running in Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM). Can you please try signing out of SAM, quitting SAM, waiting for 20 seconds, then start SAM again and sign back in?

Hello Daniel, Thanks for helping. So I opened Steinberg Activation Manager again. Then I saw that I had not signed in. So I signed in. When I click the little Head & Shoulders logo in the top RH screen, I now get two options.
(1) My email address- that keeps me in the Activation Manager (It still says “No Licenses Found”)
(2) “My Steinberg Account”. That takes me to my Steinberg Account, where Dorico 4 is duly registered under >Products. But I don’t see any way to activate Dorico 4 from there.

You must be signing in with a different email address than the one to which your license is registered. The one to which it is registered begins with “precentor”.

That’s really strange. I definitely logged in with precentor. But the one that is now showing in the top RH corner is another e-address.
I guess I have two Steinberg accounts, but I don’t know how it moved from one to the other.
I was going to sign out and sign in again. But it tells me that signing out will deactivate all Steinberg products on my machine.
During this morning’s process, I was told to update my PW for the precentor email. I did that. But I’m finding the new PW doesn’t work and the old one is still giving me access.

Whichever one you had used to sign in to Steinberg Download Assistant when you first downloaded Dorico 4 is the one to which your license was assigned. I guess your precentor… one is the one you used for SDA, so that’s the one you need to use for SAM.

Thanks. I logged off and it seemed to log me back in automatically as precentor. Then a button immediately appeared saying ACTIVATE. Now everything is working OK.
Thank you for your time. Wishing you a nice day there.

Now that this has all been cleared up, you may want to edit your earlier mssg to remove your second e-mail address to keep it as secure as possible.

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Thanks for the reminder, Derrek. Done.

I would also avoid posting screenshots with activation codes, licene codes, serial numbers or any other personal information :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Well I would delete them, but it seems I don’t have permission to do so. If any one more official would like to delete them, that’s fine.