Can't Upload Proof of Eligibility


I’m trying to upload my educational and crossgrade proof of eligibility and the webpage isn’t allowing it. My educational proof is a PDF file, around 5.8MB, and the crossgrade is a PDF under 600KB - so it should be within the constraints indicated by the instructions. I’m able to choose the file but when I hit Upload, the webpage simply refreshes. When it reloads I can still see my selection for educational crossgrade (Dorico Crossgrade from Finale (Education)), but both proof of eligibility files are no longer listed on the right-hand column.

Do you know why this is? I really wanted to buy the crossgrade today because I was worried Steinberg might choose to end the crossgrade promotion, but I obviously can’t do that if the website is being buggy. Is there any workaround?

Thank you so much,

Don’t worry that we are about to end the crossgrade promotion – we have no plans to do so. Please combine your two PDFs into one, and then use a compression tool to reduce its size (I personally use this one), then try uploading it again.

@Daniel thank you so much for writing back so fast! If I combine into one PDF should either upload link work? (There’s a button to upload educational proof and another one to upload crossgrade proof, but I’m assuming it’s symmetric and shouldn’t matter which I use?)

Update - I tried combining, compressing, and reuploading using each button, and still the same issue as before.

The crossgrade didn’t work for me (and two colleagues had the same experience). I had to contact Steinberg phone support (USA for me), which was very responsive. They resolved it quickly that way. I think I ended up emailing the customer service rep.

Thank you so much for the tip!!

I tried emailing Yamaha’s customer service per the Steinberg USA website, but haven’t heard back. Does Steinberg have a phone number for this kind of question (as opposed to support for certain software)?

Try emailing Asknet, as it’s them that actually run the Steinberg store, not Steinberg.

You could also order through Sweetwater Sound. They processed my proof of eligibility quickly and efficiently.