Can't use/access Cubase 4 projects/songs from my external HD

I recently bought a new hard drive because I had a close call with my older one. The old one was a 500GB LaCie (Firewire 400), and the new one is a 1TB LaCie (Firewire 800). So I copied all of the files from the old one to the new one and now I can’t use my song files on the new HD. I can copy songs to my internal drive desktop and use them and can import and export without a problem. The problem is I don’t have enough space to keep my projects on the internal HD so now I have to copy a song at a time to work on it, and then I guess put it back to make space. Any ideas?

I connected it directly with Firewire 800 (I also tried firewire 400, and USB). I’m on a Mac Book Pro running 10.5.8.

These are the errors I get:

When I try to open a project file from the external drive it only says: Can not open project file “name of song.cpr” !

When I try to import a file from the external drive it says: Error: Medium type not supported or invalid medium!

When I try to export to it, it says “unexpected error”

One more thing: I hooked up my old HD (which didn’t want to mount but finally did and is clicking again, but still works) and I am able to open these projects. (the original projects that I copied to my new HD.

I also just copied some Cubase projects from my desktop to my old HD and they opened although one didn’t and I got the same error. I copied that particular song again and then it worked. Weird.

Anybody got any ideas about what could be going on? Sorry my post is so long I wanted to try to be as clear as possible so I wouldn’t just get suggests that I’ve already thought of. Thanks!

Are you sure they aren’t tagged as Read Only on the new drive?

Thanks for taking the time to reply, but that’s not the problem. All read/write. All I did was copy the main folder from the old drive to my new drive.

Up. Still can’t get the songs to open.


It does sound like a permissions issue. Can you open files in other programs? Audio files with Quicktime or a Word doc or something.