Can't use computer MIC while connected to THR5 amp


I’ve just configured Cubase AI 8 and connected my Yamaha THR5 amp. I can record and playback using the computer mic and speakers but when I connect the THR5 and change the ASIO to THR5, I can no longer access the computer Mic. Thus I can’t record on the computer mic and playback on the THR5 without changing the ASIO back to the default low gain one.
I don’t currently have another mic available and I can’t see any way to get Cubase to see both the low gain ASIO and the THR5 ASIO at in the same project. Is it possible to configure Cubase to record via the computer mic and playback on the THR5? If so, what do I need to change? (manual/page would be enough). All help gratefully received. Thanks


Only one (ASIO) driver can be used in Cubase.

The only one way is to use software multi-client ASIO emulation software: ASIO4ALL.