Can't use Cubasis -- IPAD AIR 2 says UR44 "Not Supported"

I have a UR44 and want to use it with my IPAD Air 2 for use with Cubasis.

I am using an IPAD Air 2, model MH322LL/A, OS ver. 10.2.1 (14D27).

When I connect my UR44 with the Apple Lightning to USB adapter to the IPAD Air 2, I get the following message, as do other people: “I get the error.CANNOT USE DEVICE Steinberg UR44: The connected device is not supported.”

I have read all the fixes and tried all of them with no luck. I have done the following:

  1. I have rebooted everything and turned off and on in every possible way.
  2. I replaced the Lightning to USB adapter with one purchased from the Apple Store definitely made BY APPLE.
  3. I have tried numerous different USB cables, to connect to the Lightning to USB connector.
  4. I have tried plugging the UR44 directly into a wall socket (as someone mentioned that worked for them).
  5. I have tried shutting down the IPAD, and rebooting; and have tried turning on the UR44 first, then the IPAD, and vice versa as well as every other possible variation…
  6. My PC and MAC firmware on the UR44 is up-to-date.
  1. The IPAD Software is the most current: OS ver. 10.2.1 (14D27).
    The only other thing I have not tried but have seen online suggested is, I have not reset the IPad to Factory Settings, nor have I completely re-installed the Ipad software.

Is there anything else I can try? If not, what is my next step? Should I reset the Ipad to factory settings? What if that doesn’t work?

Please help. It seems that whenever I upgrade or buy something new from Steinberg, I am one of the select few that it doesn’t work properly in the beginning and it is quite frustrating, as I m sure you know.

Thank you,

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Did you switch the CC mode switch on the back of the UR44?

Needs to be in the correct mode for the Ipad to recognise it. Easily overlooked

Hi marsxmarsx,

Thanks for your message.
We’re sorry to hear you have problems to connect the UR44 to the iPad.

Usually these are the steps to connect the UR44 with the iPad:

1 - Connect the UR 44 device with the supplied power supply
2 - Turn MIDI CC switch (located on the rear of the UR44 device) to on
3 - Connect the UR44 and the iPad via Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit/ Lightning to USB Camera Adapter
4 - Turn the UR44 power switch to on

Here are some tips in case connection fails:

  • Power off the iPad and give it a full restart, then retry the steps above
  • Perform a full backup of the iPad via iTunes, reset the device to factory settings, perform the steps above

Hope that helps to solve the problem.

Best wishes,


I’ve had similar problems with iPadPro (iOS 11.4.1) and UR44 (Firmware 2.12).
What helped was to turn Bluetooth on and the flight mode (dt. “Flugmodus”) on and then off.
After reconnecting the device with the iPad it worked. Interestingly was that iTunes showed up in the quickbar on the Home screen. Maybe it had something to do with iTunes?!

[Update]: I think the iTunes thing showed up because a new audio device was attached to the iPad.

best regards