Cant use Cubasis on iPad Pro 2020 at the moment

First off I should say I’m using iOS 14.7 Beta, so the issue could be here.
I’m trying to record some vocals along with a backing track. Just one stereo track playing and one mic via a UR22-C. No effects.
The backing track plays fine. The vocals have an annoying loud cracking over the recorded parts. Its not there when direct monitoring, and not at the start of the track. About 30-40 seconds in it starts, and doesn’t stop. Its on the recorded file.
Ive tried upping the latency, this made no difference.
The settings I’m using are the same as i always use, exactly the same as i have made a note of them. Nothing is overloading.
This is with the latest Cubasis as of today.

Hi @Davebass5,

Thanks for your message.

Please note that we do not support unreleased iOS/iPadOS beta versions.

Please give it a try to redo the recording using the official iPadOS 14.6 release. In addition, please give it a try to set Audio Engine Latency to OFF.

Please let us know about your results,

Best wishes,

Thanks Lars.
Yes, I appreciate the beta situation thats why I thought I’d mention it.

Ill give it another go when 14.7 comes out and report back.