cant use dsp mixer in cubase 7.5

i was under the impression I could use the dsp mixer in ur44 within Cubase 7.5 and also use the included basic fx plugins with Cubase 7.5 well I cant use any of them.

ive tried opening the mixer and it says it cant because its already being used within Cubase.and the plugins such as rev-x cant found in Cubase I can find them on my hardware inputs in my Cubase mixer but I was under the impression I could use revx on as many channels as id like not just on the first few audio inputs.
im also having issues setting up cue mixs I cant set them up it doesn’t display my headphone sockets as audio outs all im getting is mix1/mix2/fx return its not displaying headphone1/headphone2.

I also still cant update my 32bit ur44 drivers I can update my 64bit no problem but my 32bit wont it keeps saying it wont because I don’t have the right opeating system/processor and also it sometimes says I cant install because ive got the newer version of syncrosoft security installed it then quits.

im getting major headaches setting up the ur44 I was told it would automatically set it self up or wouldn’t be a issue but ive had more problems with this in the last few hours than I ever did with my other soundcards :frowning:

It’s actually very well explained in the UR User Manual. But to help clarify, the DSPMixFX Application is not used within Cubase and won’t run if Cubase is running. Cubase has it’s own handling routines for the UR built in.
You get to them via the Hardware rack in the mixer. Here too you can access the Rev-x sends as well as the hardware channel strip as well as the Amp simulations.

thanks for confirming it mate…i read a review online and got told by the store I bought it at that I could use as many instances of the dsp effects as I wanted …I was hoping I could use revx on a fx send channel so it could process other things instead of just line ins and the same goes for the guitar effects I like using guitar effects on things other than guitars I like using them on drums,synths too give them a bit of dirt but if I cant use them as separate vsts ive wasted a lot of money buying the ur44 :frowning:

wow ive just found a cool feature …if you have youtube running on your internet browser and you have Cubase 7.5 open then audio from youtube gets routed threw to Cubase so you can record what ever audio is playing in your browser direct to Cubase for recording !!!
im recording vocals from escape from new York now lol

ive found the basic fx vsts for some reason they’ve not installed into the default vstfolder they’ve installed into somewere else ive moved them to my Cubase vstfolder restarted Cubase and now there showing up and useable on all channels and useable as inserts …happy days !!!

now I just need to sort out the headphone mixs I need two separate headphone mixs …and need to update my 32bit version to version 2 ive sent an email to support asking for help hope they can …thanks for your reply