Can't use Groove Agent One in Cubase 9.5

I have heaps of old projects using groove agent one. It works in 8.5 after manually dragging the vst and ‘.bin’ file in the vst3 subfolder as suggested by Steinberg for people who want to continue using GA1 in future versions. However…cubase 9.5 doesn’t read or even blacklist it. Can anybody confirm this please? Thankyou in advance :slight_smile:


Groove Agent One is very old plug-in, which is not supported for many years already.

Make sure, you have 64-bit version installed.

I have already followed the instructions and i got it working in 8.5 64bit. Other people got it working in version 9

…but It doesn’t work in 9.5


It does work in 9.5.

Finally. I got it working. I simply downloaded the vst3 files again instead of dragging in the vst3 file from previous versions which didnt woek…even though it was 64 bit. All is good. Thanks for the clarification :smiley: