Cant use multiple CMC QC(s) together?

Hi - I am on windows 7 64 bit. I purchased a pd, a AI and 2 QC(s) for a total of 4 controllers. The PD and the AI works well however the 2 QC(s) are not working together. It looks like both QC(s) are recognized but only one is working. The other one only gets powered but does nothing. Onec QC gets recognized as CMC QC and the other one gets recognized as “CMC QC 2”. However only one works. No one told me that you could not use 2 QC(s) together so I am supposing that something is wrong. Pleas help!!

I don’t have any QC. But I think is very limited. In the setup device section there is only 8 QC parameters. And QC big brother CC121 witch has 12 buttons only 8 is used for QC. Cubase has always been poor and problematic. I was hopping that this “new” generation should solve that. But the have done nothing really. Not much different than the old Cubase VST. So send it back while you can. Steinberg wont fix it for a long time im sure.

Probably can’t use two QCs together, unless one is set to MIDI mode.

You could try that. In MIDI mode, the QC is a standard controller.

I could be wrong here but i think the QC only works with one channel at a time i.e the channel that is selected and once you select another channel the parameters follow.

But it would be nice if you could lock modules to specific channels.

I think so.

EQ mode is tied to Channel window open.
Quick controls is tied to active window (or channel).
MIDI mode is a generic midi controller.

I tried using the second controller in midi mode and still does not work. What happens is that when I go in to use the second controller as a generic remote device and attempt to set it up, whenever I change a parameter for the second controller it changes it for the primary or first controller. I cannot get cubase to talk to the second controller at all. Yeah the lights come on on the second controller but thats about it. The only controller that is communicating is the first one. Can someone from steinberg answer this?

Check again in your user manual, page 4: Connecting multiple devices
“Each model of the CMC series (except for the CMC-FD) can be singly connected to one computer”

The only model that allows multiple connection is the FD, and you can have a max of 4 units on the one computer.

Sorry, time to flip that QC on eBay…