can't use my audio interface

I have a problem with using my komplete audio 6 interface.
When I’m opening EDIT;DEVICE SETUP I can’t find on the list my audio interface. also in the DEVICE CONTROL PANEL I can’t find the answere.
Can someone help me fix this problem?

Thank you!

Please do in Dorico ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and attach the corresponding zip file here. I’ll have a look at the log files and give further advice then. Thanks

Dorico (298 KB)

Thank you!

Thanks for the data. The audio engine does not recognize the Komplete device at all.
I suppose it does work with other apps, right? If yes, what other app(s).

And while running Dorico, no other program is accessing Komplete?

I’m not sure that I understood your question.
If dorico works with other apps or if the komplete audio works with other apps.
Dorico works when I am connecting the speakers directly to the computer. (I have no other apps /plug ins that I have tried to connect to)
The audio interface works with everything other than Dorico.
I think that by mistake I printed the report when the komplete audio was Disconnected. I’m sending a new report now.

Thank you very much for your help!

Dorico (322 KB)

Still the same, does not get detected at all. Did you install the ASIO driver for Komplete?

I just did.
Now it works!

Thank you very much for your help and have a wonderful evening!

Glad to hear. Have a good one, too.

For the many thousands of us who use Dorico for choirs ,is it possible to have words as well as notes in playback?

Like VOCALOID 5 (only more realistic)?

I’ve never used it but with it shall be also somehow possible

You need to use a library that supports this. There are a few.

Dominus Pro from Fluffy Audio supports English and Latin.

I keep promising myself that I would check this out when I retired from my music industry day gig. The Kontakt requirement doesn’t bother me since I own Komplete. It’s that you have to assign and manipulate the words after you have the notes entered. Now that retirement has been imposed due to the current situation, I’m busier than ever helping people make music online.

Major choral pieces and Dominus Pro are just gonna have to wait till I get some time.

This is an area in which I would dearly love to see some better options, though I am aware it’s phenomenally complicated. I think the best option at present is EW Symphonic Choirs. But beware, there’s certainly a learning curve.