Can't use my interface on my new Computer.

So I bought the ‘‘UR22C’’ on june. So I installed the eLicenser and everything as is said in the manual. It worked perfectly on my Windows Computer with Ableton. But today I’ve received my new PC and when the time comes to reactivate my license, I get the following message: Currenlthy, there is no eLicenser connected to your computer which you can download your incense to. PLease connect an appropriate USB…‘’ at the eLIcenser. I have my Basic FX Suite activation code still and everything. But I just don’t how to activate because they are asking for a new Soft eLicenser code and I just don’t know how to find a new one. I switch of Computer to this new main one and please, I would appreciate any support or help!

Best regards!

Finally solved, I had to reinstall all again and the license appear this time. Best regards.